Digital Media




Photography: Portraiture Skills

Animation Skills


The Digital Media course is currently split into 2 units that will allow students to experience a flavour of each of these contemporary Art and Design disciplines. Students will work practically in each of the 2 units and gain experience in the use of digital media within a variety of Art and Design specialisms.


Photography: Portraiture Skills (SCQF level 5)

The Photography unit will allow students to research historical and contemporary photographers that will help inform their own practice. Following this, candidates will gain experience in creating their own photographic portraits, as well as learning to manipulate them using editing software. Throughout the unit, students will gain basic knowledge of the camera and using it correctly and imaginatively in the creation of a small folio of work.


Animation Skills (SCQF level 5)

Throughout the Animation Skills unit, pupils will be introduced to both traditional and contemporary animation techniques. Students will initially research the development of, and techniques used, in animation which will coincide with the practical element where pupils will demonstrate their understanding of the theory through the creation of a short animation using both a traditional and computer animation method. Students will discover several methods of animation, beginning with traditional animation methods such as flick books, stop motion animation and progressing onto an introduction to computer animation.


These Units may provide progression to:

♦ other qualifications in art and design

♦ further study, employment and/or training

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