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UPDATE 17 November 2013...


Malawi Newsletter

Please click on the newsletter image (left) to download the latest news about our partnership with St. Patrick's in Malawi.


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UPDATE 2 October 2013...



During our visit to Malawi in the summer, our eyes and indeed, our hearts were opened to the many needs of the boys in St Patrick's. We were welcomed by a community, who despite being very poor in material terms, opened their doors to us and shared with us what little they have.


Having reflected on our experience, our staff and students decided that we need to develop a long term strategy which will support the community of St Patrick's to deliver a first class education to the boys while catering for their most basic of needs.


We have set up the "Friends of St Patrick's" hardship fund which aims to attract 100 people who will commit to a monthly payment of £10 per month. With this level of funding we could make a real difference in the lives of the boys in St Patrick's, providing schools fees for boys who have been orphaned and supporting long term improvement initiatives for the school.


If you are interested in making this commitment of £10 per month then please click <here> to download a copy of the monthly banker's order.





During session of 2012-13 we will be developing an exciting new link with a school in Malawi - St Patrick's Seminary.

Over the session pupils will learn about what it's like to be a teenager in Malawi, what school is like there, what home life is like etc etc.

In addition to growing in understanding about life in Malawi, we would also hope to consider practical ways in which we here in St Benedict's could offer support to the young people and staff of St Patrick's.

It's my hope and prayer that this new partnership will grow through the coming years and open our hearts and minds to the needs of our 'brother and sisters' in Malawi. Experience of such school partnerships in the past has taught me that our young people, staff and whole school community stand to gain many and varied 'riches' from this relationship - perhaps even more than we can offer them.

Please pray for the success of this partnership and keep up to date with developments here on our web site.



UPDATE 13 January 2013...


Monire mose, (Hello all),

During the October week holiday we heard the devastating news from Fr Daniel Kamanga, (Head Teacher) that St Patrick’s Seminary had sustained considerable storm damage and had in fact lost its roof.

Staff and students at St Benedict’s got together and planned how we could help out and very quickly a plan was hatched to raise £1000 in one week to support the pupils and staff of St Patrick’s.  The ‘Raise the Roof’ campaign was put into action.

I’m delighted to tell you that the St Benedict’s community got together to raise over £1000 in just over one week.

Here’s what £1042 can provide in Malawi . . .

The money covered just over 70% of the overall cost of the repairs

The life and work of the school can now continue under a dry roof. 

During December our young people decided to send a small Christmas gift to each of the boys in St Patrick’s along with a card, wishing the boys a merry Christmas and telling them a little about themselves.  These parcels thankfully arrived safely in Malawi in time for the boys coming back to school after the Christmas break.  They were absolutely delighted to receive these small gifts and to learn a little more about their new Scottish friends.  We hope to exchange more information between our two schools over the coming months to help us learn and appreciate more about life and culture of Malawi.

‘Yewo chomene’ (Thank you very much)

As you see from my two very basic attempts at using the Chitumbuka  language, Miss McFadden is continuing to prepare us for our visit out to Malawi at the end of this session.  The staff and pupils of St Patrick’s will put us to shame with their ability to speak English so it’s important for us to at least make a start in learning about their language and culture before we go.

Much work remains to be done before our trip in terms of fund raising and I hope you will continue to support us in this venture over the coming months.






UPDATE 30 August 2012...


Parent letter and student application form now available (see left). The application form is downloadable in Microsoft Word format.


Completed forms should be submitted to Mr Johnston or Miss McFadden by 1.00pm Wednesday 5th September 2012.