Conduct on School Transport

The following is taken from Renfrewshire Council’s Home to School Transport Policy.


The head teacher will establish with parents/carers and pupils the importance of good behaviour on school transport. Examples of unacceptable behaviour will be emphasised to pupils.

The responsibility of ensuring safe and acceptable behaviour remains with the parents or carers of a child travelling on a school transport vehicle. Misbehaviour or action which could put the safety of others at risk may result in alternative means of transport to school being sought.

In circumstances where a pupil’s behaviour is unacceptable, the driver may retain the pupil’s ticket/pass for identification purposes. The incident will be reported to the driver’s supervisor who will immediately send details to the head teacher of the school. The head teacher will invite the parents or carer and the pupil to a meeting and ask the pupil and parents/carer to respond to the report of the incident. The head will ask for an assurance of the pupil’s good conduct prior to the resumption of previous travel arrangements. It is important that the school keeps a record of any such incident and details the responsive action taken. During the interim, alternative arrangements, possibly involving parents, will require to be made in order that the pupil attends school.

In cases of serious misbehaviour, the head teacher can still exercise his or her right to have regard to the discipline policy of the school including the facility to implement Revised Standard Circular 8 (Exclusion of Pupils from School).

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