Maths Conversation Day

I attended this event yesterday, at Park Mains HS.  Along with parents from the primary and secondary sector, maths teachers, university and further education lecturers I enjoyed the presentations and discussion which followed.

It was run by Education Scotland and topics included:

Effective Practice in Mathematics (Secondary)
Sharing best practice (Primary)
Using Mathematics at work

Supporting Young people was presented by two of Park Mains’ senior pupils, who had attended a similar session the day before, with pupils from both primary and secondary.  It was interesting to hear their views on what would improve their learning experience.

The final session was about ways forward for planning for the progression in the development of mathematics.

It was a very worthwhile day and good to be able to input from a parent’s perspective as I am sure most of us can only manage maths to about S3 confidently and then we struggle to remember it.