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World's first floating wind farm emerges off coast of Scotland

The revolutionary technology allows wind power to be harvested in waters too deep for current turbines.

VW denies £2.5m London congestion charge bill

Sadiq Khan claims VW owes Transport for London £2.5m in missed congestion charges following its emissions scandal.

Changes to rail electrification plans a 'slap in face'

The link between Liverpool and Newcastle may not now be fully electrified despite previous government promises.

Brexit: Liam Fox sets election deadline for EU transition

Liam Fox says he would not want any interim arrangement after Brexit to "drag on" beyond 2022.

Boots apologises for morning-after pill response

The company initially said it didn't want to "incentivise inappropriate use" of the pill.

First class could be cut on busy trains, says Grayling

The transport secretary is "absolutely" committed to scrapping first class seats on commuter routes.

Comic book success

How Comic-Con has become an annual festival of costumes and comic books - and a multi-million dollar industry.

Spirit of 1973

When England's women won the first Cricket World Cup in 1973 they did it solely for the love of the game.

UK to bring in drone registration

Drone owners will also be required to pass a safety awareness test.

MoneySuperMarket fined for sending seven million unwanted emails

The price comparison website sent seven million emails to people who had opted out of receiving messages.

Paysafe shares jump on bid approach

The FTSE 100 loses ground but Paysafe shares leap on news of a £2.9bn takeover offer.

Bank of America picks Dublin for EU hub

It becomes the first US bank to confirm the Irish capital as its preferred site for post-Brexit operations.

Congo's mining revenue 'missing' - Global Witness

The money is allegedly being distributed through corrupt networks linked to President Joseph Kabila.

Mastercard £14bn 'overcharge' legal action fails

The claim was that 46 million consumers were overcharged by Mastercard between 1992 and 2008.

Happy travelling

The government is consulting on a new strategy which puts the consumer "at the heart of the aviation sector".

Kenya's colourful bus journeys

Nairobi's matatu taxis are inspiring its public bus network to embrace bold artwork.

Lloyds under fire over HBOS fraud compensation

Lloyds Banking Group is close to offering compensation to 30 customers - but MPs criticise the bank.

Audi offers diesel emissions upgrade for 850,000 cars

The VW subsidiary offers a free upgrade which it says will counteract possible bans on diesel cars.

UK air traffic controllers warn of over-crowded skies

Air traffic controllers are expected to guide a record 8,800 flights across the UK on Friday.

Girl, 5, fined £150 for lemonade stand

The young girl burst into tears after Tower Hamlets Council issued a fine for selling 50p drinks to festival goers.

Brexit transition deal: 'The sooner the better' says Goldman exec

The government should agree a Brexit transitional deal as soon as possible, Goldman Sachs International boss Richard Gnodde tells the BBC's Simon Jack.

How the Frisbee flying disc became a million dollar idea

People have been throwing Frisbees around for over half a century and over 200 million have now been sold around the world.

Who is the laziest?

How live streaming of player data is giving sports fans unprecedented levels of analysis.

Clydesdale Bank sets launch date for plastic £10 note

The bank new £10 polymer note is among several plastic £10 notes that are due to enter circulation this autumn.

Multi-brand Milton Keynes electric car showroom 'a UK first'

A multi-brand electric car showroom claimed to be the UK's first aims to "dispel myths" about the vehicles.

'Selfridges' of sports?

The retailer says it has "smashed the ball out of the park" in its attempt to move upmarket.

Would using an eye scanner make mobile banking secure?

TSB customers will be able to try out iris scanning technology to access their bank account.

To hug, or not to hug?

The number of workplace huggers is said to be on the rise, but it is still a social - and legal - minefield.

Most and least expensive US childcare options

Many parents in the US pay for summer camps for their children. But what happens if that childcare option is out of reach?

What do parents think of summer childcare?

So what do working parents think about the state of holiday childcare? We went to see some of them in Cherry Hinton, a village on the outskirts of Cambridge

'Without a creche I couldn't work'

A lack of childcare is one of the main reasons many Indian women give for quitting the workforce.

'Bring your children to work'

Holiday childcare is getting ever more expensive, and in many parts of the UK there aren't enough places to meet the needs of working parents.

Holiday childcare in short supply in UK

Millions of children will be going to activities clubs this summer while their parents work. But only a quarter of the UK has enough holiday childcare places.

It's a long summer for parents

For working parents covering the long summer break can be difficult and expensive.

A glimpse inside the Goldman Sachs nursery

Goldman is the only City firm to have an onsite nursery - but is it only deep-pocketed banks which can afford one?

A longer life means a longer wait for your pension

Longer life expectancy means the middle aged will have to work longer for their share of the pension pot.

Gran designs

Canada's Grand Challenges projects are using research and ingenuity to tackle global problems.

Where's hot?

Many holidaymakers no longer want just a couple of weeks' rest, but are searching for a more memorable experience.

Chatbot docs

Could health apps and AI-powered chatbots replace your traditional local doctor?

From airline to airwaves

The EasyJet chief's career has taken her through some of the best-known companies in the UK.

Course Information

S1/S2 Course

S3 Courses: Business | Administration and IT

S4/5/6 Courses


Course Info


S1/2 Business Education


Information coming soon!



Course Info


S3 Business



Since it is impossible to go through life without significant contact with business either as a customer or as an employee, or both, it is vital that young people develop an understanding of business as early as possible. We all rely on business to create wealth and wellbeing, jobs and choices.


Business provides an insight into business organisations within the UK and in the ever-changing global business environment, their management and the external environment in which businesses operate. Business aims to develop skills and knowledge in students which will allow them to access, understand and contribute to the dynamic and complex business and information environment.


What does the Business course focus on?


What can learning in Business achieve for young people?


How is the Business framework structured?



What are the features of effective learning and teaching in Business?

How do we build on prior learning?


What are the broad features of assessment in Business?


What are the connections with other areas of the curriculum?




Course Info


S3 Administration & IT



Irrespective of the size or complexity of an organisation or business there are a range of administrative functions which must be undertaken if that organisation is to operate efficiently. The key role of administration is to provide support or services to underpin operations and decision-making within a business. 


Administration is a growing sector which cuts across the entire economy and offers wide-ranging employment opportunities.  Moreover, administrative and IT skills have extensive applications not only in the workplace but also in other walks of life and are life skills. The young people following the Administration course will learn skills which are transferable from the classroom to the workplace.


What does the Administration course focus on?


What can learning in Administration achieve for young people?

How is the Administration framework structured?

What are the features of effective learning and teaching in Administration?


How do we build on prior learning?


What are the broad features of assessment in Administration?


Connections with other areas of the curriculum



Course Info


S4/5/6 Business Education


Administration: Higher



This course will provide students with the opportunity to apply skills and knowledge to given situations requiring a high level of administrative services and to analyse the use of IT in an administrative and business context.  The course places an emphasis on the development of problem solving and decision making skills and is appropriate for those individuals seeking careers within the modern administrative environment.



Recommended Entry

While success is at the discretion of the centre, students would normally be expected to have obtained:




Course Details

One 40 hour unit and one 80 hour unit plus 40 hours flexible time.





Administration (H) 40 hours


This unit should enable students to:


Information Technology for Management (H) 80 hours


This unit should enable students to:




Students who achieve Higher Administration may progress to:


The course or its component units may also form part of one or more Scottish Group Awards.



Administration: Intermediate 2


This is a vocationally orientated course suitable for those students wishing to pursue a career in administration.  It will enable students to perform administrative functions and develop the competences required to process, sort, check, store and output information within the modern organisational environment.  The practical approach adopted makes the course suitable for individuals who wish to acquire administrative skills and a high level of skills required in the use of business software packages particularly MS Office.


Recommended Entry

While entry is at the discretion of the centre, students would normally be expected to have attained:


Course Details

Three mandatory 40 hour units, plus 40 hours flexible time.


Administrative Services  (40 Hours)



Information Technology for Administrators (40 Hours)


Presenting and Communicating Information (40 Hours)



Students who achieve Intermediate 2 Administration may progress to:


Units and courses in Administration may also form part of one or more Scottish Group Awards.



Business Management: Higher






To enable students to assess the activities of businesses, particularly with respect to the main functional areas which characterise the operation of all businesses.  The course promotes the development of problem solving and decision making skills within a business framework.  It would be suitable for students who wish to extend and develop previous study.  It would also be appropriate as a starting point for those who wish to pursue a business related career.



Recommended Entry



While entry is at the discretion of the centre, students would normally be expected to have attained:



Course Details

One 40 hour unit and one 80 hour unit, plus 40 hours flexible time.





Business Enterprise (H) 40 hours

This unit should enable students to:



Business Decision Areas (H) 40 hours


Marketing & Operations


This unit should enable students to:

Finance and Human Resource Management 


This unit should enable students to:

Internal Organisations

Analyse the internal structure of organisations.





Students who achieve Higher Business Management may progress to:

The course or its component units may also form part of one or more Scottish Group Awards.