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Today in History for 23rd July 2017

Historical Events

1764 - James Otis publishes views on taxation without representation
1864 - Battle of Woodstock, VA
1877 - 1st US municipal railroad, Cincinnati Southern, begins operations
1886 - Steve Brodie supposedly survives plunge from Brooklyn Bridge
1960 - 15th US Women's Open Golf Championship won by Betsy Rawls
1972 - 1st Earth Resources Technology Satellite (ERTS) is launched

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Famous Birthdays

1851 - Charles Bannerman, Aussie cricket batsman (1st centurion)
1906 - Wolfgang Gentner, German nuclear physicist
1922 - Moses Rosen, chief Rabbi of Romania
1923 - Luis Aloma, Cuban baseball player (d. 1997)
1925 - Donna Anderson, Akiak AK, actress (On the Beach
1929 - Andrew Rutherford, warden (Goldsmith's College)

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Famous Deaths

1685 - Pietro Reggio, Italian composer and musician, dies at 53
1764 - Gilbert Tennent, Irish-born religious leader (b. 1703)
1985 - Johnny Wardle, English cricketer (b. 1923)
1994 - Henry William Collins, artist, dies at 84
1997 - Chuhei Nambu, Japanese athlete (b. 1904)
2004 - Piero Piccioni, Italian musician, conductor and composer (b. 1921)

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Course Information

S1/S2 Course

S3 Course

S4/5/6 Courses


Course Info


S1/2 History


Information coming soon!



Course Info


S3 History

What can learning in History achieve for young people?

How is the History framework structured?

The History Course


What are the features of effective learning and teaching in History?

How do we build on prior learning?

What are the broad features of assessment in History?

Connections with other areas of the curriculum

Course Info


S4/5/6 History


History: Higher




The purpose of this course is to provide breadth and depth in the knowledge and understanding of historical concepts through study of chosen contexts.  It is also intended to develop skills of evaluating events and sources and of investigating issues.



Recommended Entry

While entry is at the discretion of the centre, students would normally be expected to have attained:




Course Details

There are three units:


1. Historical Study: Scottish and British (H)

A study of British social, economic and political history from 1851 until 1951.


2. Historical Study: European and World (H)

A study of the Fall of Tsarism and the establishment of Communism in Russia (1881-1921)


3. Historical Special Topic (H)

Scotland and the Impact of the Great War (1914-1928).



Course Assessment

External assessment of the Higher course is through an examination and an Extended Essay.




From the achievement of a Higher unit or course students may be able to progress to units or the course at Advanced Higher in History, Higher History will contribute to Scottish Group Awards.


Students may also progress to: