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BBC News

News Daily: May Brexit speech and police 'under strain'

Your morning briefing for 22 September 2017.

The Maze Escape: the biggest jailbreak in UK history

A key organiser of the Maze Escape, now a 'born again' Christian, has spoken for the first time .

The Papers: Front-page focus on May's big Brexit speech

The prime minister's much-anticipated Florence speech dominates Friday's papers.

Kim says 'deranged' Trump shows need for nuclear programme

In unprecedented address, North Korea's leader says he is convinced developing weapons is "correct".

Two charged with murder over burned body in Southfields garden

A man and woman will appear in court following the discovery of charred remains in Wandsworth.

Why some Catalans want independence

Four people in Catalonia's capital city, Barcelona, tell us what it means to be Catalan - and why some people there want independence from Spain.

Banks to carry out immigration checks on customers

Financial institutions will be required from January to look for accounts of illegal migrants.

Mexico earthquake: Death toll rises as search for survivors goes on

Rescuers believe survivors could still be found beneath buildings toppled by Tuesday's tremor.

Brexit: PM bids to break deadlock with two-year deal offer

The PM will say in her Florence speech that both sides have a responsibility to get Brexit right.

UK's terror fight 'puts unsustainable strain on police'

Resources are being diverted from mainstream policing, the National Police Chiefs' Council says.

Course Information

S1/S2 Course

S3 Course

S4/5/6 Courses


Course Info


S1/2 Modern Studies


Information coming soon!



Course Info


S3 Modern Studies

What can learning in Modern Studies achieve for young people?

How is the Modern Studies framework structured?

The Modern Studies Course

What are the features of effective learning and teaching in Modern Studies?

How do we build on prior learning?

-  observing, describing and recording

-  comparing and contrasting information and drawing conclusions based on this

-  problem solving skills

-  interacting with others and being able to work collaboratively with - a range of people

-  planning and reviewing investigating strategies

-  discussion and debating skills

-  being able to construct and interpret different types of graphs

-  presentation skills

What are the broad features of assessment in Modern Studies

-  teacher observation

-  pupil self evaluation

-  peer evaluation

-  presentations to the class

-  discussions

-  debates

Connections with other areas of the curriculum

Course Info


S4/5/6 Modern Studies



Higher: Modern Studies





The purpose of this course is to develop knowledge and understanding of political, social and international issues and to promote the development of the critical skills of analysis, synthesis, evaluating and decision making. 



Recommended Entry


Students would normally be expected to have attained:



Course Details


The course comprises three units.


1. Political Issues in the United Kingdom (H)

Students will study two of four study themes:

Study Theme 1B: Decision Making in Central Government.

Study Theme 1D: Electoral Systems, Voting and Political Attitudes.



2. Social Issues in the United Kingdom (H)

Students will study one theme:

Study Theme 2: Wealth and Health Inequalities in the United Kingdom.

The skills of decision making will be incorporated in this unit. 



3. International Issues (H)

Students will study two of six study themes:

Study Theme 3C:  The United States of America.

Study Theme 3E:  The Politics of Development in Africa.





Students who are successful in the Higher course could progress to: