My trip to Scotland

My trip to Scotland has been an amazing experience. Starting with the family I have been living with, I can’t really find a word that can best describe their goodness. Matthew has not only been a brother to me but a caring and loving brother. We have always been together. He made me free to other friends and has shown me whatever good thing was there and went even further giving me advice. What a wonderful brother! It is indeed true that you don’t stay long with good things. Anyway we give up just as night would give way to the day.

I have HONESTLY enjoyed being with them. Mam Laura has been a true mother to me because she saw no difference between Matthew and I. She took us as one. Great mother indeed!. Do you know a hair cut? I bet you that you don’t really know it. It is the displine that a parent gives you. Therefore, when one asks you who gave you a hair cut? It usually means that you have not done something well or you are quite amazing! So Mam Laura has given me not only a physical hair cut but also a psychological hair cut. I have never lived with my own mam but I bet her that her love towards is greatly challenged by Mam Laura’s love towards me because not having stayed with her is her own luck of love. Mam Laura I owe you. May God the omnipotent bless you and shower his blessings upon you. I will greatly miss you.

Dad Michael, your goodness leaves me speech less. You did not keep me to yourself but exposed me to all the available relatives. I will be useless if I take that for granted. What relatives you have! they took me as one of them. I enjoyed being with them.

If I list all the people it may take me the whole decade. Thank you all ( yewo chomene)