16 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. Sitting doing partial fractions having a great time hope you are too! Make sure you shake out your boots in the morning before you put them on!

  2. Your blog got 390 views on day 1!! Not bad considering all you really did was sit in a hollow metal tube 30,000 feet in the air. Mind you, putting it that way does make it sound exciting! Looking forward to day 2…

  3. Glad to hear you have all arrived in Lillongwe safely with your cases. Missing you lots Gemma. Love From, Mum, Dad and Stephen xx oops and Nana, Charlie and Blossom

  4. Hi Sof, Glad you have arrived safely and all suitcases intact. Miss you already as there’s no guitar noise and no criminal minds and friends being played over and over and over again and again in the house! Peace perfect peace. Stephen, Laura. Andrew and not forgetting Wallie and Button all say hello. Thanks to all the teachers for all their hard work and for getting you all there safe. Hope you all have a fab time. Lots and lots of love, mum xx

  5. Hi Niamh, delighted to hear that you have reached Malawi safely and that all the cases made it there too. Hopefully the long bus journey to Rhumpi will pass quickly.
    Dad & Aoife ( & Thumper & Jasper) say hello. Give our regards to Benny the goat !!!!
    Love Mum x

  6. Hi guys,
    Glad to hear that you have all arrived safely and with hopefully no mishaps. Can’t wait for the daily updates and to find out how you are all managing (Jen). Have a wonderful time.

    PS Bernadette is there anything that you want done before the summer break?

  7. Hi Sarah, glad you got there ok. Missing you lots. You will be glad to know that dad has got the grass cut and has done the hedges. I have managed to stop him buying more plants so there won’ be any triffids when you get back. It’s been nice and sunny today and auntie Theresa and I have been welcoming Mollie to the family out in the garden. She has fab new pictures apart from the one where she has a huge big flower headband on that makes her look baldy (show you it when you get home) poor Mollie, some parents should be locked up. Looking forward to seeing info about your trip, Hope you have a great time. Lots of love mum dad and auntie T. Love to my bud Gemster too.

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