Quick update

Monire mose,

We finally managed to get internet access tonight but we are a bit behind schedule in typing up our experiences due to the hectic programme. I can assure you all that we are having a wonderful time as a result of the great hospitality we are receiving at St. Patrick’s. Our kids have been fantastic and have adapted very easily to Malawian life. Hopefully we will have time tomorrow to catch up with the blog. Thank you all for your comments.

2 thoughts on “Quick update

  1. WELL DONE BOYS!! The kids will be great ambassadors for St Benedicts, they have fabulous mentors! Hope you all enjoy. Gemma and Sarah best behavior.

  2. Glad you arrived safely and have all settled in. We have been getting texts on your progress and will look forward to keeping up with your progress from Anfi. K &K and the kids have also arrived safely at their destination This might be a once in a lifetime experience so enjoy it

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