Monire mose

I thought I better check in and let you all know that I’m ok.  I’ve been back in Mzuzu for just over a week but I also managed to escape to the lake for 2 nights break.  It’s been great catching up with old friends and the priests are taking really good care of me.

I was able to make donations of £140 and £100 for  orphans’ parties at Mary Martha and the Women’s Development Centre.  This money was donated from the group using their leftover spending money.  I attended the party ay Mary Martha on Saturday and it was a very joyful occasion but very humbling.  I still feel uncomfortable when they sing songs about me, making me out to be some kind of saviour but I’m sure you will all bring me down to earth when I get back home. The orphans were saying ” We only eat meet at Christmas and when Bernadetta comes”  Well done to our kids and staff for leaving their kwacha  behind.  I have the WDC orphan party this afternoon.

Then it’s back to Rumphi tomorrow to finalise the selection of the students coming to Scotland.  Pray for me in what will be a difficult task.  60 students have applied and I will interview only 12.  Breaking the news to those who are unsuccessful is going to be pretty tough.  Then after that I’ve been given the job of helping choose the new entrants for the seminary – bo pressure there.!



One thought on “Monire mose

  1. Good hear that you’re still in the land of the living. Don’t fancy your next couple of days having to pick 12kids to come to Scotland though glad you’re having a great time xx

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