First Day In Scotland!

We arrived at around midday, and were warmly welcomed by the students, teachers and parents of St. Benedict’s. I enjoyed thoroughly the tour we were given of the school. I have settled well and am really looking forward to the whole of my stay here.

3 thoughts on “First Day In Scotland!

  1. Thankyou for the first day’s blog. Well done! We also thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone. You must be really happy at the football score today. Hope everyone had fun. You have definitely brought the good weather with you.

  2. That is very great! I am about 65km away from the parish. I came this morning to Chelanya, border with Zambia. My programs did not work as planned. There was a funeral and I had to say the second mass near the hills! Enjoy your time !

    • Fr. Chunda, do you remember me from 20 years ago. We would write letters and I would send you small packages from the United States? I have thought of you, your work and all the children and people you serve.
      My family and I have thought about you through the years and I have tried several times to try to reach you again. I found this post and thought I would take a chance that maybe you would see it! please send me some contact information for you so that we can connect again!

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