Greetings from St. Benedict’s High School, Glasgow, Scotland!

Since our arrival on Friday, 28 February, we have been accorded a very warm welcome and are enjoying every minute of our stay, despite a biting weather some days.  On Saturday, we were at the Stadium, Celtic park and everything was wonderful.  Imagine, at half time, the bishop and I were invited forward for the raffle draw right at the middle of the ground with all the cameras and clapping of hands.  What an experience and an honour to the visiting team!

Today Monday, we had a fantastic time at the school, attending classes with the rest.  Imagine once again the bishop attending Mathematics Class – Logarithms and Exponential Functions- after many years!  Its amazing to learn the style of teaching here – PowerPoint presentations and very participatory methods. We had assembly during period number four and students performed very well.

In the afternoon, we visited David Livingstone Centre in Blantyre.  At the centre we were taken through the whole life of David and his voyages in Africa. This is great considering the impact David Livingstone made in Malawi and some parts of Africa.

Bravo St. Benedict, Bravo St. Patrick’s Seminary

Fr. Daniel Kamanga


One thought on “HELLO

  1. Hi Fr. Daniel that was a lovely post I really hope that u enjoyed ur stay as much as we enjoyed having u Bishop Zuza and all the other boys over. We were all so sad to see all of u go. Best wishes Eve x

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