Greetings from Rumphi

Well this was our first full day in Rumphi and it has been an emotional rollercoaster. The day started as usual with Mass at 6:30 am followed by breakfast. After unpacking we set off for St. Magdalena’s, the boarding school for disabled primary children. I still find it very difficult to keep my emotions in check when I visit this place so you can only imagine what it was like for Christine. The school boards 20 children with quite severe disabilities including several with missing limbs, 3 with cerebral palsy and one small girl whose skin was very badly burned. They are cared for by one very elderly nun, Sr. Enesta. Of course we received a very touching welcome with all the children singing songs of welcome. I was very proud of Christine and how she held it together. As I keep saying – they don’t need our sympathy just our friendship and support. After our visit 5 of the children insisted on walking us all the way home, even though 2 of them were on crutches. At the end of the journey we gave each of them a lollipop and that made their day.
We took 5 of the boys who visited St. Benedict’s out for lunch along with Fr. Daniel and Fr. Angels. It was lovely spending time with them again and listening to them reflecting on their experiences. They are still very touched by the welcome they received at St. Benedict’s and in particular from the host families. I asked them how they managed to recover from leaving Scotland and they all agreed that they have not yet recovered.
This evening we showed all of the St. Patrick’s boys the 2 exchange trip DVDs. I have never seen them so excited! It was great watching their reaction to them. We are now chilling out with the priests by watching the world cup with a small refreshment. This is indeed a luxury as the electricity has just come back on after having a power cut all day.



p.s. My iPhone is not working so I can only be reached using my Malawian phone number.

2 thoughts on “Greetings from Rumphi

  1. I am glad that you are all settled down and doing God,s work. I could not hold my emotion when i went on field work to Liberia and Sierra-Leone as part of my Doctoral research. But i had to wipe my tears and be strong for the kids. I know how it will be for a first time visitor like Christine and will truly love to hear from her. If its possibe to get a number , i will definitely love to talk to her. Keep safe and God,s blessing to you all.

  2. We are really enjoying your updates and it’s lovely to hear news of your trip.

    The impact that the partnership with St.Patricks has had on us all is huge already and it’s lovely that the boys enjoyed looking back at both trips as much as we have.

    Keep the updates coming!

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