Back to school!

School time!
We awarded ourselves a lie in this morning after last night’s festivities which continued to after 1am. I woke up at 9am by which time most Malawians are halfway through their day. After breakfast we visited St. Patrick’s hospital which is on the St. Patrick’s campus. We met with the nun who runs the hospital and we handed over donations of equipment from Kilbirnie Ambulance Service. Naturally the Sister was absolutely delighted to receive them. We gave neck braces, sterile water for injections, syringes and tracheotomy tubes. We also donated 5 sets of baby cardigans and hats for the first babies born as well as toiletries for the new mothers and small toys for any children who are admitted. We visited one patient, James, who is 5 months old and suffering from Malaria. Nevertheless James was full of smiles and quite happy for us to hold him. He was delighted to receive a Thomas the Tank Engine train donated by my 4 year old nephew Kieran. It took a great deal of persuasion for Christine to hand him back to his mother!

It was time to work after lunch, which was a shock to the system. I’ve been given my own office at St. Patrick’s and I spent the afternoon preparing exam revision questions for the Form 4s. Christine went to St. Magdalena’s with Felix to work with the disabled children. At 5 o’clock we took the form ones for a partnership activity. They were very keen and it was a struggle to get them to stop working to go to Mass at 6pm.

We are now having a relaxing night watching the world cup as usual with Father Daniel, Fr. Dominic and Brother Matthews. Everyone is a bit subdued after last night’s madness. However Fr. Angels has just arrived with Deacon Amos – maybe not a quiet night after all!


2 thoughts on “Back to school!

  1. It seems like only yesterday that we were at mass at St Dennis’ and visiting the Safari! We hope you’re having a great time. We were all remembering today that on this day last year, we were all waiting on our candlelight-cooked meals at the restaurant in Lilongwe!

    From Niamh, Sophie, Sarah, Gemma, Luke, Ryan and Matthew. x

    • Love and miss you loads mum! Sounds like your having a fantastic time. Don’t know how your holding it together but you’re making us all proud back home. Lots of love Carla, Robert & Halle xxx

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