Greetings from Mzuzu!

Well it certainly feels like home being back in Mzuzu – it’s cold and wet. I woken during the night by torrential rain. It was lovely meeting up with old friends at Mass this morning. I got a row from Sr. Veronica for being in the country for 2 weeks and not being in touch. Headed into town after breakfast to do a few things. Currently sitting in the the Mzuzu coffee den with a Mzuzu coffee latte – nothing beats it. Also called in at Emmanuel’s shop en route and surprised him. I’ve got my St. Matthew’s hat on while I’m here so doing a few bits and pieces for their partnership as well as preparations for the Carmichael’s. This afternoon we are having a party with the orphans at the Women’s Development Centre at the parish. This place is very close to my heart and even I struggle to keep it together when I visit.

Tomorrow is the big celebration of Amos’ ordination at Rumphi. Afterwards we have been invited to dinner at another old friends, Sylvia Nhlane. We won’t have time to post tomorrow but hopefully we’ll manage on Sunday. However power cuts all day on Sundays are very common so don’t worry if you don’t hear from us until Monday.



Message from Christine to the girls:
Glad to hear you are all well. Missing you all. Xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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