12 thoughts on “How am I ever going to make a speech in Chitumbuka?

  1. Wishing St. Benedict’s pupils and staff a very safe and happy trip to Malawi. Please greet all of our friends for us!
    With best wishes from all at St. Matthew’s Academy, Saltcoats.
    Tiwonanenge sonosono….

    • Yewo chomene Celia. Feels bizarre going out without my “Malawian Family”. You will all certainly be in my thoughts and prayers. Next year!!

  2. Hello Mrs Kelly I hope you arrived safely! What’s happening? What’s the time difference? How big are the bugs? G x


    Dear Ryan

    You have been so much in my thoughts during this exciting adventure and, once again, I write to say how proud I am of you and your classmates. The memories you make on this amazing trip will make you stronger and will linger with you always.
    I hope you are being as angelic as usual and not breaking any of the many rules in place to keep you all safe. Here’s to many new, enriching friendships and a great journey home.

    With much love


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