Day 3 – Le Jour Premier

Day 3 – Le Jour Premier
After the best sleep we’ve probably ever had from travelling for over 24 hours, we woke up at around 8am. (Some earlier because of some sort of 6am drumming ritual) Luke, Ryan, Matthew, Gemma, Sarah Sir Johnson & Miss McFadden came over to my, Niamh, Mrs Kelly & Miss Gilfillan’s house for breakfast. The food was chips… CHIPS FOR BREAKFAST! Amazing.
Side note: Parents, you could learn from these people.
After our highly enjoyable breakfast Father Daniel gave us a tour of St. Patrick’s which included Matthew, Luke, Miss Gilfillan & Sir Johnson holding jars of pickled snakes, whilst Ryan and I cowered in fear at the door of the classroom. (He’s so manly). After the tour we had lunch with the boys in their main hall and they picked one of us for every table, luckily Matthew, Mrs Kelly and Father Dan all got put at the one table, so it wasn’t too awkward for their first lunch.
After lunch we were invited to watch the presentation of the prize givings for the form 4 graduates and they also put on a show for us with traditional Malawian music and dancing. After the ceremony Luke and Matthew were asked if they wanted to play in a football match with the boys and Luke scored both goals for his team leaving the score at 2-1! Woo! Go Lukey! Matthew nearly scored and the funny thing is when he missed the boys gave him more of a celebration than when Luke scored! Both of them are still treated like Gods by the school though. Whilst Matthew and Luke played The teachers, the girls and Ryan seen a pig sty… (An actual one, not our rooms). The smell was interesting, Niamh couldn’t quite handle it. When we were walking back to the game Niamh & Gemma were taking pictures of women carrying big buckets of maize on their heads and one woman said, and i quote “We didn’t give you permission to take pictures, so we’re suing you.” We still don’t know whether that was joke or not.
We went back to the others house to make a start on this live blog. After a while Niamh, Miss Gilfillan, Mrs Kelly & I went back to our house to get ready for the disco the school was throwing for the graduates.
When we arrived at the disco the boys greeted us with cheers and claps! When we went into the hall everyone got stuck into dancing! Especially Luke! He taught the boys the Macarena and when we joined in, we started a dancing revelation! Whilst everyone but me started a conga line, Matthew and I made new friends outside the hall .
When we all eventually went home, Niamh and i had a very long & deep emotional heart to heart and just as we were about to nod off I asked Niamh if she had squashed a bug on the wall earlier and she said no so I shone my torch onto the suspicious shadow and it turned out to be a huge tarantula! Niamh cried under her covers as I tried to kill it. Three tries, three fails. So Niamh manned up and tried to kill it but during her quest Billy the spider decided to run into one of our vents so after another 10 minutes of tears and 2 bathroom breaks (all at 1am with 5 hours left to sleep) we came up with an ingenious plan to rip up magazine and stick them onto the vents with plasters. We went through 18 plasters and 2 magazine covers to ensure our safety from Billy.
All in all it was an interesting day.