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Greenpower Go-kart


Mr. Magee and a group of pupils in the Technical department have been working hard to build a battery-powered go-kart to compete in a number of national races.

The go-kart is really starting to take shape now and has attracted some attention from the local press.

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UK Steel Enterprise, the Tata Steel subsidiary set up to assist economic regeneration in traditional steel producing areas, has supported the school with a donation of £2,000 to build the go-kart and enter the Greenpower Formula 24 competition, a school project to introduce students to the world of racing, mechanics and engineering.

The project not only gets the students interested in STEM subjects but it also introduces them to the world of mechanics, a whole new skillset and a potential career, which will have a long lasting effect on them as learners and is something sustainable that we can repeat in the future.

Many of the staff have got behind the project too with several selflessly volunteering to stay behind after school to help road-test the vehicle. To add to the fun we filmed the staff completing their own Top Gear Lap Times...!


The next phase of the project is to design and build the exterior bodywork. More to follow soon...

Further information on the project can be found at


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Thu Aug 12th   In-Service Day
Fri Aug 13th   In-Service Day
Mon Aug 16th   Pupils Return