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Course Title: Geography

Course Level: BGE


What is Geography?

Geography is a dynamic subject, which explores the relationship between people and their environments. It deals with social, economic and environmental issues of real importance to people in the twenty-first century. Through an understanding of the varied and dramatic landscapes present on our planet, and the impact of people on that landscape, pupils develop fundamental geographical skills as well as the transferable skills of problem solving and critical thinking. Geography is a fascinating discipline, which can provide pupils with a holistic understanding of our planet.

Why should I choose Geography?

The Geography staff always aim to give pupils an enjoyable, worthwhile experience in S3 and S4. The curriculum allows us to really engage in issues of importance in today’s world, and it is a course that gives pupils a strength and depth of knowledge that is highly valued in further education. We always aim high and encourage our pupils to ‘be all they can be’.

What will I study?

Pupils who choose Geography in S3 will continue to undertake the experiences and outcomes of Level 3 and 4 in Curriculum for Excellence. The pupils will study a broad variety of topics covering physical, human and global issues as they affect Scotland and the wider world. The new National 4/5 Curriculum will then be followed by all pupils, with National 4 being assessed within the school and National 5 externally assessed. Pupils will also have an element that will involve research and presentation of a topic of interest from the course, which could include fieldwork. This will give pupils the chance to build up knowledge and skills and then show the results of their efforts in the best possible light.

The Physical Environment

This deals with an understanding of the natural world and landscapes. Weather, glaciation, rivers, coasts and renewable energies are all covered here, as well as the impact of people on these environments.

The Human Environment

This looks at world population changes and the impact on both Scotland and the wider world. We study cities in the developed and developing world - amazing urban environments such as Rio de Janeiro - and modern developments such as ‘GM’ crops and bio fuels. We develop an understanding of the impact of our new technologies on the planet, and our role in making a better world for the future.

Global Issues

This involves a wide range of issues such as climate change, the use of fragile environments in Arctic and Antarctic zones. Pupils have the chance to widen their knowledge on the impact we have on our planet. We also study the distribution of Malaria, HIV/Aids and heart disease and the impact these have on the developed and developing world.


Fieldwork is an essential component of Geography, which brings the subject to life. Throughout the Geography course there will be field work opportunities to Kelburn Country Park, Arran Outdoor Centre and Glasgow city centre. We also try to utilise our local environment for relevant fieldwork e.g. Castle Semple.

Geography is very broad subject, which opens up career paths in many directions. Some jobs require some of the skills which geography offers such as:

  • Teacher!
  • Climatologist
  • Engineering
  • Environmental manager
  • GIS specialist (Geographical Information Systems)
  • Town Planner
  • Tourism careers
  • Journalism and Media
  • Cartographer (map maker)


National 4/5
Higher Grade

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