Course Information

Course Title: Business Management

Course Level: N4/5


The Business Management course helps young people develop an understanding of the economic and financial environment in which businesses operate. This enables them to make an effective contribution to society as consumers, employees, employers or self-employed people.

Young people gain skills in personal financial awareness through improving knowledge of financial management in a business context. The course introduces pupils to the dynamic, changing, competitive, and economic environment of industry and commerce. It develops skills in communicating and presenting business-related information, in a variety of formats, to the various stakeholders of an organisation.

By studying this course, young people develop an appreciation of customer focus, enterprise, and decision-making.

This course will give you the opportunity to:

  • Develop knowledge and understanding of the ways in which society relies on business to satisfy needs and wants
  • Gain an insight into how organisations organise their resources for maximum efficiency and to improve their overall performance
  • Develop enterprising skills and attributes
  • Develop skills in financial awareness, in a business context

Units of study include:

  • Understanding business
  • Management of marketing
  • Management of operations
  • Management of people
  • Management of finance


  • National 4/5
  • Higher Grade