Course Information

Course Title: Mathematics

Course Level: H


Set 1Level 4+National 5HigherAdvanced Higher
Set 2Level 4+National 5HigherAdvanced Higher
Set 3Level 4+National 5Higher or
Natioal 5 (2yr)
AH or Higher
Set 4Level 4+National 4National 5/ 
N5 Numeracy
or National 4 (2yr)
or National 5 (2yr)
Set 5Level 3/4National 3 or 4 
with Numeracy
National 5 (2yr) 
with Numeracy 
or National 5
National 5 (2yr) 
with Numeracy
Set 6Level 2/3National 3 
with Numeracy
National 4 with Numeracy 

In all Maths classes we try to use a variety of learning & teaching styles to engage all pupils. We regularly use ICT to support learning and we encourage pupils to make use of Maths websites for home study. Show my Homework is widely used across levels along with textbook and copied resources.

Homework is vital in ensuring our pupils reach their full potential in Maths. The Maths department continues to promote a consistent Homework policy across all year groups and levels and pupils should be completing nightly homework. Depending on the level of Maths pupils may also have a weekly homework issued to run in parallel with the nightly homework.

The Maths department offers additional supported study classes at many levels starting from S3 onwards. Please see the school website or Twitter for additional details.

The Maths department promotes an atmosphere of care and nurture and aims to support and motivate pupils at all levels of attainment. Aspiration and a growth mindset are discussed regularly and a ‘positive comment only’ approach is cultivated within every lesson to allow pupils to have a positive learning journey.


National 4/5
Higher Grade
Advanced Higher