Course Information

Course Title: Spanish

Course Level: H


The study of any Modern Language plays a central role in the development of literacy skills. Learning a Modern Foreign Language enables young people to develop high-level skills of listening, talking, reading and writing which are essential to learning, work and life and to make use of different media effectively for learning and communicating. The study of a Modern Foreign Language also helps them to develop an understanding of their own and other cultures.

In their Modern Foreign Language young people will study three key aims which make a unique contribution to the aims of Curriculum for Excellence: the interconnected nature of languages, active citizenship and communicative competence. These skills will be taught through listening and talking, reading and writing activities. Young people will build on what has been achieved in their Modern Foreign Language in primary school, be encouraged to assume more responsibility for their own learning and use a range of resources, including ICT, to help them to develop their knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the Language which they are learning and the culture surrounding this Language.

Young people will be assessed on how they can apply these skills in their learning and in their daily lives and in preparing for the world of work. Assessment will determine how well they can communicate in the Modern Foreign Language, how well they use and extend their vocabulary in the spoken language, to what extent they have increased their understanding of the written and spoken word and have developed their understanding of language structures and rules, and how accurately they have applied these in familiar and new situations. This will be carried out in presentations and speaking tasks, individually and in groups, and using a variety of reading listening and writing tasks, both in class and in formal assessments.

Learning a Modern Foreign Language provides a global dimension and cultural awareness for our young people. There are many areas of the curriculum where connections can be made with a Modern Foreign Language, for example English, active citizenship, social subjects, Art, Music, Maths and Health and Wellbeing.


Pupils who complete the CfE Modern Languages course at 4th level should progress onto National 5 and those who complete it at 3rd level should progress to National 4.


National 4/5
Higher Grade
Advanced Higher