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Miss Reid Ms McArthur

Subject Yeargroup Class Teacher Code
Business 1 1A Ms McArthur 5aabxia
Business 1 1B Ms McArthur mkrlkhm
Business 1 1C Miss Reid az2iz1p
Business 1 1D Miss Reid hwaiqgi
Business 1 1E Ms McArthur gj4uo6o
Business 1 1F Miss Reid speau6j
Business 1 1G Miss Reid u6qh9tf
Business 2 2A Ms McArthur e0y96ab
Business 2 2B Miss Reid at8tj3d
Business 2 2C Miss Reid n59j8n9
Business 2 2D Miss Reid zllr04h
Business 2 2E Ms McArthur 9k0xsfn
Business 2 2F Ms McArthur s6szgyf
Business 3 3F Miss Reid cc0896e



Date   Event  
Thu Aug 12th   In-Service Day
Fri Aug 13th   In-Service Day
Mon Aug 16th   Pupils Return