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Admin & IT Biology Business Business Management Business with Information Technology Chemistry Computing Science English Games Development Health Sector Maths P.E Physics Practical Electronics Psychology Religious Education Science Spanish Technical

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Mrs Audichya Mrs Colligan Miss McFadyen Mrs Kelly and Mrs Audichya Miss Campbell Miss McFadyen and Miss Lauder Mrs Colligan and Mrs McLaughlin Mr McKee

Subject Yeargroup Class Teacher Code
English 1 1.3 Mrs Colligan 5126z7r
English 1 1.4 Miss Campbell mgmevsv
English 1 S1 Mrs Audichya 8ffv39o
English 2 2.5 Miss McFadyen dgh2n72
English 2 S2 Miss Campbell bhyg35y
English 2 S2 Mrs Audichya 91mbuc4
English 3 3.3 Mrs Colligan m74grop
English 3 S3 Miss McFadyen bvl89r2
English 3 S3 Miss Campbell 5v1aa3v
English 4 ENF5A1 Mr McKee u39h85k
English 4 N5 Miss McFadyen vur46im
English 4 N5 Mrs Colligan lhn62ts
English 4 N5 Miss Campbell gd35qt9
English 4 S4 NAT4 Mrs Audichya uf8uw42
English 5 Comms and Lit Miss McFadyen and Miss Lauder avdbr8b
English 5 ENFHB2 Mr McKee mv2y31d
English 5 N5/Higher Miss McFadyen and Miss Lauder bl8jyyj
English 5/6 Higher Mrs Colligan hlxc7fi
English 5/6 Higher Miss Campbell 8c3u6wb
English 5/6 S5 NAT5 Mrs Kelly and Mrs Audichya tdat33r
English 6 Advanced Higher Mrs Colligan and Mrs McLaughlin 59d88et



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Thu Aug 12th   In-Service Day
Fri Aug 13th   In-Service Day
Mon Aug 16th   Pupils Return