Course Information

Course Title: Art & Design

Course Level: N5


What is Art and Design?

Art & Design gives pupils the opportunity to develop their creativity and critical skills. S3 pupils will explore a wide range of two and three-dimensional media and technologies through practical activities, to create, express, and communicate ideas confidently.

What will I study?

This S3 course in Art and Design will help you to appreciate and understand ‘Design’ and ‘Expressive’ art. The S3 course will develop your skills in different materials to prepare you for Nat 4 and Nat 5. It will also allow you to problem solve, think and work independently, develop your critical awareness/understanding and communicate confidently with your peers and the adults around you.

The S3 course is split into three sections:

  • Design Unit
  • Expressive Unit
  • Art and Design Studies

Section 1 – Design Unit:

Every manmade object we buy, use and look at is the work of designers. Designers work within many industries including electronics, gaming, fashions, cars, jewellery, graphics, marketing, architecture and many more.

Design course involves learning about the design process and working to a ‘Brief’ to solve a design problem and create a solution.

The main elements of the Design Course are:

  • Researching an agreed topic and brief, create drawings and market research;
  • Developing ideas and prototypes which includes using materials and techniques in a creative, experimental manner;
  • Producing a design solution which fulfils the brief;
  • Evaluating the work produced.

Section 2 – Expressive Unit:

S3 Expressive unit builds on skills learned in S1/S2. It requires observational drawing skills and being able to work with various mediums to create work.

Expressive course involves:

  • Researching an agreed personal theme choice. This involves analytical drawing as well as experimenting in a variety of media.
  • Developing compositions of your research drawings while experimenting with media.
  • Creating a final drawing that has been developed most successfully at the previous stage.
  • Self, peer and teacher evaluation will take place throughout the course.

Section 3 – Art and Design Studies:

S3 pupils also study the works of artists and designers to enhance their enjoyment and deepen their knowledge and understanding of Art and Design.

For this section pupils are encouraged to respond critically to a range of visual art imagery. Pupils are expected to develop their knowledge of art and design history and make personal judgements and opinions in response to related questions.


Regular homework is expected of S3 pupils. Pupils will receive a monthly assignment which will reinforce class work. In addition to this pupils will be working on completing any tasks not finished in class time.


Pupils who complete the S3 CfE Art and Design course may progress to National 4 or National 5 in S4.


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