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Dressing for Excellence


Uniform continues to be extremely important to us in St Benedict’s High and we thank you for your continued support to ensure that our young people look their best.


The wearing of school uniform :

  • Is invaluable in conveying a sense of community, wellbeing and purpose.
  • Indicates a sense of pride in the school and helps pupils to form positive
  • attitudes to the school and their school work.
  • Protects children from the harmful effects of social distinction and competitive dressing.
  • Promotes the school’s identity in their community, with our immediate
  • neighbours, local business and industry.
  • Assists staff in the task of supervising pupils and keeping unwelcome visitors
  • out of the school.  

A reminder of our school uniform requirements: 

  • A white school shirt/blouse, and school tie which is visible at all times. S4, S5 and S6 will wear the senior tie.
  • Tailored black trousers or black skirt - leggings, jeans, denim and tracksuits, are not acceptable under any circumstances.
  • A school blazer with badge.
  • Plain black v-neck jumper or cardigan (unbranded). 
  • Comfortable footwear (black in colour).
  • Footwear should be black with no coloured/white markings e.g. they should not be “converse style” trainers.  These are not part of our uniform policy and therefore will not be accepted.  


It is in this area I require the support of you as a parent/carer to ensure our uniform standards are at a level that will promote the school’s standing within the community. 

PE Kit

St Benedict's High School PE kit is:

  • Blue St Benedict's t-shirt
  • Black shorts/leggings
  • Pupils should bring a waterproof jacket in the event of going outside

Uniform Suppliers:

School Wear Made Easy:



Date   Event  
Fri Sep 25th   Holiday
Mon Sep 28th   Holiday
Mon Oct 12th   October Break
Mon Oct 19th   In-Service Day