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Every academic year, the Head Teacher works in partnership with stakeholders and partners across the school community to produce a School Improvement Plan that outlines the improvement imperatives that will take priority over the course of the year and basic detail about some of the actions that will be carried out to move towards overtaking these priorities. You will find a copy of the current School Improvement Plan in the 'Related Documents' section of this page.

The school will also produce and publish an annual Standards and Quality Report, which is a document outlining basic information about the school and its performance, successes and achievements over the previous academic session. The current Standards and Quality Report can also be accessed in the 'Related Documents' section of this page.


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Date   Event  
Fri Sep 24th   Holiday
Mon Sep 27th   Holiday
Mon Oct 11th   October Break
Mon Oct 18th   In-Service Day
Thu Oct 28th   S4 Parents' Meeting